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22 år

Hey, so, I've been seriously considering getting into treatment and getting better, I'm diagnosed with atypical anorexia. If I get into treatment, will they make me gain weight? Because if they do, I might become obese again and that scares me a lot, and is the only reason I'm honestly unsure about it...

ROS svarer

Hey, thank you for contacting us.


I'm glad to hear that you are considering treatment and want to get better. This gives me the impression of that you have hope for this to get better. That hope will be important and advantagous for you in the further process. I am not sure if I can answer your question, since it is individual what treatment will focus on, and also I am not in treatment. But I will do my best to say something about it.


Treatment options will vary depending on the individual’s needs. An important goal in treatment for eating disorder will be stabilizing weight loss, as well as developing healthy attitudes toward food and weight. To eliminating problematic eating patterns, such as strict rules for eating, binge eating and/or purging behaviors is also important. For this to be possible it might also be important to find out why you do as you do in the first place. For a lot of people it will also be important to treat psychological issues such as low self-esteem and distorted thinking patterns. Many people with an eating disorder, have an intense fear of gaining weight or becoming overweight, even if their far from getting overweight. I do not know if it is like this for you, but maby you can ask yourself if those thoughts around this - are they thoughts and fear coming from eating disorder, or from you. I will also encourage you to talk to the people in treatment about this. To get information about what the treatment will focus on, and to say out loud what you worry about can be very helpful. Maybe also your GP/family doctor can be helpful in giving some answers for you. Your GP will also be the person who helps you getting into treatment, and is therefore important to talk to about this.


I hope my answer can be useful for you. Thanks again for contacting us. You are welcome to use our anonymous chat if you need to talk more about these worries  you have when it comes to treatment.


Kind regards ROS advisor



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